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Brock is pleased to announce the successful move of student email to Office 365

Brock is pleased to announce the successful move of student email to Office 365.

All email received before the Office 365 email cutover on May 2, 2015 will be located here within BIRCH. After that time, all of your email is being routed to your new Office 365 email account. To access it, please visit our logon page at

For additional information on the change to Office 365, please visit us at


Brock University will never send emails asking for passwords or personal information.

It is important for all users to be aware that neither ITS nor anyone else at Brock University will ever request you to send personal information such as logins and passwords via email. ITS will, on occasion, send email reminders about such things as impending password expiries. But these emails will never require a reply and will always contain directions which can be followed if any action is required on your part.

Any emails that ask you for any personal information or ask you to verify your account should be ignored and deleted immediately.

Computer System Maintenance

In order to provide better and more predictable service to the Brock Community, all divisions of Information Technology Services (ITS) have agreed to, where possible, perform all required maintenance on computing services between the hours of 6:00AM and 8:00AM on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Although service interruptions will usually not occur on every one of these days, users should be aware that some computing services may be briefly unavailable during the above times and without an explicit warning. If work needs to be performed which would require an extended service outage, a notice will be placed in the Bulletins channel of the Portal, on the ITS web page and will be, where possible, displayed to users of services such as Sakai and Webmail, as far in advance of the outage as possible.

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